Santa mittens!!

December 22, 2012

Last weekend I had the idea for these Santa mittens and managed to finished them before the weekend ended. Yay!

It’s always a delight to finish an idea very shortly after being first plagued by it, very often that is not the case for me.

They are finger mittens with a “cap” option. I probably should make a pattern description of this while I still remember how I did it, although, not entirely sure whether anyone would be interested. If anyone is, don’t be afraid to let me know.

Merry Christmas!



Pirate Party Preparations Part 4 – Cakes, Balloons and a Treasure Map

September 14, 2012

Lots of cakes and goodies. I baked the cakes, then bought some snacks.

I drew the treasure map onto a piece of linen, then poured some tea over it, to make it look more old. I was going to rub parts of it in soil, to give it that extra touch, but I ran out of time.

Then I blew up lots of balloons. The balloon game ended up a bit of a flop, though, to be honest. But all was well, anyway.

It was a lovely party.

Pirate Party Preparations Part 3 – Goodie bags

September 12, 2012

I cut up some fabric for the Goodie bags, lots of simple rectangle squares. Then I folded the rectangle squares and sewed the sides together, forming a square bag. Then I put the goodies in and tied a string around the bag.

Every goodie bag had:

1 pirate coin marked with “6 รกra” (6 years old)

1 pirate coin with a decoration/picture by my kid

1 pirate skull necklace

2 sea shells painted silver

1 rock painted gold


None of it was eatable. The shells and rocks were collected at the beach. I boiled them and then painted them. The rest was made from “troll dough”, which is half part flour, half part salt, slowly adding water until it turns into a moist dough, then formed into any shape one likes.

I also did candy goodie bags, but I think I forgot to take pictures of those. They had skull candy and liquorice and circle snacks (almost but not really like gold rings).

Pirate Party Preparations Part 2 – Invitations

September 5, 2012

My kid’s birthday is fast approaching. We did the invitations today.

The cards were shop bought (actually found them on sale and all), had a picture of a pirate skull and treasure chest. Then to give it that little extra touch, I used the seal I got for my birthday as a teenager. My kid relished putting the cards in the envelopes and selecting crayons, while I was on candle duty. I melted drops of crayon mixed with drops of candle wax onto the envelope, waited 5 seconds, lay the seal upon the wax, waited and voila. I was a bit amazed at how quickly we managed to do them, though, and how focused my kid was with her envelope task, because there was a whole bunch of them (only a few pictured below).ย  They really do grow up fast…

The Yarnie Bus – Killing the mundane

August 25, 2012

Taking the bus home after work on a grey day in the grey rain. It doesn’t get more mundane than that.

Unless you are taking a step into a yarnie bus! I don’t know if it was the vibrant colours or just the element of surprise, but it really had a happy impact on my day.

I love stuff like that. Pleasant little surprises in everyday life. Which is weird because I am not the “SURPRISE party” type. I wouldn’t want to come home to a house full of balloons and people and whatever.

But a bus full of yarnwork, beautifully crafted, well, that’s my kind of surprise.

And I noticed that same look of surprise on my fellow passengers.

I wish I would have caught a picture of the young girl who stood by the door, as if afraid to take another step further into the bus. She had such a strong expression on her face, like she were extremely disgusted or shocked.

I was a little surprised that I didn’t find anything about it on the bus company’s website, but my good friend Mr. Google found me this website which has information from the people who created the yarnie bus.

Pirate Party Preparations Part 1 – Telescope

August 23, 2012

My kid’s birthday is coming up (in September) and I’ve already been preparing some stuff. The plan is for a Pirate Party, with a Pirate hunt and all.

First up, Pirate Telescopes. I got the idea after reading this brilliant craft post from So, many thanks, Robin!!

The how: I made measurements for the size of the Toilet Paper Roll, cut out a piece of paper that would fit snugly and designed the look. Then I cut out a stencil and started painting. After the paint had dried it was only a matter of glueing the pretty paper onto the roll.

Overall, I’m happy with the look. The first papers looked the best, because I was taking my time doing it well until I realised how many I had to make (one for each kid) and it turned into a bit of a mass production thing, with poorer quality, i.e. some of the paint going outside the stencil lines. Also, the silver “circly” things didn’t turn out as nice as I would have, but yeah, overall, I like them.

Now my only problem is that I don’t have enough Toilet Paper Rolls ๐Ÿ™‚ Another brand of toilet paper was bought at the store a few days ago and I don’t remember what brand we had before that, but the rolls aren’t the same size! Who would have thought… ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes I wonder why I bother…

August 10, 2012

…Behold, the beautiful perler beads numbers me and my kid crafted. She assembled the majority of them, then asked me to iron them, super excited. I ironed them. Two minutes later, she had already ripped a few of them apart. Kids, eyh?

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But I suppose it’s more about the journey than the destination. Or so I tell myself.

And to be fair, she did have a wonderful play of “the numbers store” with them, even the dismembered ones.